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Every structure new or old requires maintaining or up dating as some time certain things stop working, got broken, blocked or need immediate attention, and sometimes a client have ideas that need to be executed; we give our clients a quality, personal decorative service, tailored to meet their individual requirements. We pride ourselves in carrying out professional, reliable, clean & tidy workmanship within reasonable time frame.

On daily bases our team is constantly on the move serving clients with various tasks: Electric installation or repairs, Installation of TV, Home entertainment, Automation, Assembling furniture, Curtain fixing, Picture frames, Painting, Plumbing, Renewable energy, Heating systems, Radiators, Boilers, Flooring, Security systems, Gardening, Landscaping, Walkway,  General maintenances (Indoor/Outdoor), Delicate and precious pieces of furniture fitting or fixtures. 

Company with difference and Innovative with services for properties with automation & up coming tech.

These are some of the areas mentioned which we cover as required by most of the clients. Services are tailor made as per need or requirements of client.